A Traditional Community Waxes
From 'Reverse Civilisation' part of 'A Study of Our Decline' by P Atkinson (30/1/2007)

Traditional Rule is Sensible
Traditional rule is wielded by the sensible understanding obtained by the foundation of unselfish beliefs of traditional morality. This dictates that communal needs are more important than citizens' wishes and obtains:

A Sensible Community Waxes
The community will wax as the energy and determination driving the society is fuelled by the voluntary self-sacrifice of citizens, which is a stance that must be imbued by childhood. Children are taught to be unselfish from birth by learning to love, honour and obey their parents, with this awed respect insensibly transferring from their childhood, to their adult, guardians the community and its administrators. Hence:

  1. Rule by Obligation to Others (Duty) The community is ruled by a notion of obligation to others, which itself is controlled by a mechanism of reason that is:
  2. Growth of Wisdom Wisdom is the accumulation of understanding gained by experience. This invaluable asset depends upon two critical supports:
  3. Increasing Order The stability and accumulating wisdom allow increasing refinement of:

    — which obtains increased confidence in authority and pride in citizenship.

  4. Increasing Power the improved organisation and use of technology inevitably bestow increasing power on the society, which ultimately translates into increasing ease and plenty for all citizens.